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Oil-free bearing forming die


Stamping Die


Product Details

Product function: This product is a composite mold that integrates feeding, cutting, rolling and flanging. Through the rapid replacement of each mold core, it can produce oil-free bearings of different types and sizes, and at the same time through the application of multiple sets of adjustable nitrogen springs To achieve the completion of the work of each station in one stroke, the entire production system is controlled by PLC, and the signal feedback of each key position is combined to achieve the size control of the parts.


Product material: The main material for forming and cutting is SKD11, and the hardness is guaranteed to be HRC62 by cryogenic treatment.


Product features: One mold and multiple cores can be quickly switched to meet the production of dozens of specifications of parts, realizing unmanned production.


Design points: 50-70 finished products can be produced per minute. The whole set of molds can correspond to the processing of more than 20 types of oil-free bearings. The production cycle, feeding accuracy and molding parameters are controlled by PLC.


Product process: The self-lubricating composite material is fed into the mold for cutting, rounding, flanging and blanking.

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