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Runner plate forming die


Stamping Die


Product Details

Product function: The 0.10±0.005mm SUS sheet is formed into a 1.0-wide×0.50-deep straight and sinusoidal runner plate. The overall flatness of the product is less than 1.5mm in the natural state.


Product material: The mold forming component material adopts TOPMIC and has been cryogenically processed HRC62.


Product features: The number of forming runners per unit area is dense, the forming depth is deep and the precision is high, and the forming strokes reach 300,000 times.


Design key points: In order to achieve the precision requirement of molding depth 0.5±0.005mm, 3D modeling is designed through our self-developed design model combined with deformation elements to give different parameters for each molding position.


Product process: All templates and forming components undergo necessary aging treatment between each process link to release the residual stress during each processing process and ensure the processing accuracy of the parts.

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