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Fully automatic step nut keyway milling equipment


Factory Automation


Product Details

Product function: Milling two grooves with a width of 4MM on a non-standard stepped nut with two power mechanisms of an end mill and a disk milling cutter, realizing 24-hour uninterrupted unmanned operation.


Product features: The equipment is connected to an automatic lathe, and it can produce more than 4,000 products per day through vibrating plate feeding.


Design Points:


1. The receiving port of the vibrating plate is connected to the discharge end of the automatic lathe.


2. Use a high-probability industrial vacuum cleaner to remove iron.


3. The keyway processing adopts horizontal milling and vertical milling to work together.


4. The processing cycle time is 20 seconds.


5. The man-machine interface adopts Taiwan brand.

Key words:


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