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Marble air-floating vibration isolation platform and three-dimensional adjustment platform


Factory Automation


Product Details

Product function: The execution system for measuring the contour, roundness and roughness of various parts in the production process of the engine assembly, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of the measurement and the stability of the operation.


Product features: Four independent heavy-duty vibration isolation feet and four sets of air-floating components combine to form a vibration-isolating measurement platform with an amplitude of less than 0.001mm. Combined with a heavy-duty air-floating three-dimensional adjustment table, the tested parts can be delivered flexibly and lightly The measurement area can be fine-tuned in three dimensions with an accuracy of 0.01mm.


Design points: flatness <0.01mm/m2 surface roughness <0.8μm


Natural frequency 1.0Hz~1.5Hz in x direction, 1.0Hz~1.5Hz in y direction


Vibration reduction efficiency 88%~94% when x direction<5Hz, 86%~92% when y direction<5Hz, 92%~98% when x direction<10Hz, 90%~95% when y direction<10Hz Amplitude <1μm Load capacity 800kg/ m2.

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