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Gas generator testing fixture


Frock Clamp


Product Details

Product function: The fixture can detect all the measured data under the three-dimensional element at one time, which includes the measurement items of the relative position of the size, angle, parallelism, straightness and aperture.


Product material: The main parts of the fixture are made of Cr12MoV material, and the HRC60 is guaranteed to be above after heat treatment.


Product features: Inspection is an important part of the gas generator production line, and the use of fixtures ensures the entire production cycle.


Design points: Fully meet the tolerance of all the detection elements of the tested part in the three-dimensional space, and design and specify the structure and accuracy requirements of each component to achieve product functions.


Product process: The main functional parts on the fixture are subjected to stress relief treatment after rough machining, and finally surface treatment is performed to prevent rust.

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