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Crankshaft horizontal tilt detection fixture


Frock Clamp


Product Details

Product function: Through the clamping and support of the clamp, the data measurement of the horizontal direction and the 45º tilt direction of the crankshaft can be completed, and the position of the V-shaped bracket can be adjusted to adapt to the use of crankshafts of different lengths on this clamp.


Product material: The main parts of the fixture are made of aluminum alloy 6061T6.


Product features: light fixture, stable horizontal support and high precision, easy to adjust and measure working conditions.


Design points: The structure is simple and light, suitable for the measurement of various parameters of the horizontal and inclination direction of different types of crankshafts.


Product process: The parts are subjected to stress relief treatment before finishing, and the final surface is subjected to hard oxidation treatment.

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